Lucifer season 3, episode 21

Watch Lucifer season 3, episode 21 live online: Free live stream. Lucifer season 3, episode 21 synopsis: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better. ‘Lucifer’ season 3 episode 21: The big moment for Pierce. You can Watch online free All episode HD just a free sing-up Our TV Channel.

Lucifer season 3, episode 21 Watch Online

Lucifer returns with season 3, episode 21, “Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better.” Here’s your synopsis of the April 23 episode of Lucifer. The only thing that could be worse for Lucifer than losing Chloe is to see her hurt, so when Pierce hurt Chloe by letting her go, that was all it took for Lucifer to declare war.

What Lucifer doesn’t realize is that almost everyone in his life is conspiring against him for their own purposes. Amenadiel and Maze want to return home, while Pierce is using him to be able to achieve what he wants most, namely, to finally die. Pierce had to “sacrifice” his love to be rid of the curse, and now he needs Lucifer to end it.

Lucifer, for his part, is devoted to protecting Chloe. He’s there for her as they work together to solve the latest case, and he plans to be there when she needs him. Of course, he’s ultimately hoping that she chooses him, but Pierce is making it so very hard for him.

The love triangle will continue to be the main focus of the plot in “Lucifer” season 3 episode 21. Marcus (Tom Welling) will continue to pursue Chloe (Lauren German), but this time it is different. The Devil will be worried about the outcome and he too will have to make a move to win over the detective.

Meanwhile, Marcus has really fallen for Chloe. After planning to use her to remove his curse, he backed out at the last minute; fearing that hurting the detective for his selfish motives is not worth it. Cain was rewarded for taking such a selfless action. However, instead of just dying, which is what he has been after for thousands of years, he will plan to woo Chloe.

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